I Believe in

Liberty Township

I support responsible development, collaboration and transparency. We are the fastest growing county in Ohio and our township is very sought after by developers. With so much interest, we MUST have a vision and we MUST work together. If elected, my priorities will be:

  • Real Collaboration with Powell: Powell and Liberty Township are not two separate entities. Powell IS Liberty Township and they should be our first partner, especially when it comes to planning and potential Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDDs). We are neighbors, friends, business partners and colleagues and more. So let’s make decisions that impact one another together.

  • Updating the Liberty Township Comprehensive Plan: This document should serve as a guide that we use to plan the future of our township. It was updated in 2018 and unanimously approved by the trustees. It has been in existence for more than 30 years and updated many times. We must have a vision for what we want Liberty Township to be first, then rezoning should follow. 

  • Data-Informed Decision Making: We should never be in a hurry to push through plans that will significantly impact our residents or the landscape of our township. All decisions must be accompanied by careful research into the impact, especially financial, to the township and ALL its residents. 

  • Listening to Residents: Many residents feel like they’ve been ignored. It happened during the EMS debacle of 2019 and is happening again with “POD18D” along Sawmill Road between Hyatts and Clark-Shaw Rd. Residents shouldn’t feel like they have to put up signs and start Facebook groups in order to be heard. The process to discuss big decisions should be up front and transparent.


We can’t stop the growth in Liberty Township and we can’t and shouldn’t stop development. But we, as a community, should be the ones who decide what we want our community to be.


No one wants Liberty Township in the news more than it has already been over the last few years - with law enforcement being called to township meetings, and lawsuits wasting more than $300,000 in private legal counsel since 2018 -- it’s time to stop the drama and bring some new ideas to the conversation.


Please support my campaign to become Liberty Township Trustee!

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